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British shorthair cats available for reservation 

Our cats are our companions for life. They enjoy living in an indoor, cage-free environment as their home.


It’s important for us to find loving homes for our babies. We are interested in  people who are willing to take care of our kittens and love them unconditionally. Therefor, we will only place our kitten in a loving home. All of our kittens are sold with a written agreement that covers your commitment as well as ours. This includes the neutering/spay agreement.  Best Meow Moew cats/kittens are  blue color with copper eyes.


At the time of purchase, each kitten will have their vaccinations record and deworming already performed. The kitten will also be litter trained and eating solid food.

Best Meow Meow is a small, TICA registered,  purebred cattery located in Charlotte, NC.

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